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Anonymous asked: Do they kill the characters in the TV show like they kill them in the comic?

Very sorry this has taken me so long to reply, I’ve been away for the past few days.

*FOLLOWERS, THERE WILL OBVIOUSLY BE SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION ABOUT CHARACTER DEATHS (but I will only mention those who have died in the TV show so far - Though one of the mentioned characters does die after the prison arc in the comics, so be warned if you haven’t read past that in the comics.)*

Well, some characters have been killed in exactly the same was in the show as they have in the comics (in fact, certain scenes in general have been straight out of the comics).

Characters such as Jim and Amy have died as they did in the comic (bitten during the attack on the survivor camp, with Jim being later left on the side of the road to turn into a walker).

Whereas Dale has died in a completely different manner. His cause of death is not zombie related. 

And then there’s Shane. His death is both the same as it was in the comics, yet different. Rick was lured out away from the other survivors by Shane, Rick and Carl were both involved somehow, it took place during a confrontation with Rick, Shane had the intention to shoot Rick. But it’s different because of the circumstances. Shane never made it to Hershel’s farm, it took place in the woods, Shane was actually killed by Carl (and was visited, but not shot, by Rick during the prison arc who saw Shane’s reanimated form).


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“I don’t know, I think so.”

“I don’t know, I think so.”

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Andrew Lincoln on set of The Walking Dead season one episode 1 “Days Gone Bye”

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